Associate Professor of Theater, Skidmore College

Ph.D. Tufts University; M.A. Emerson College

 My artistic and scholarly works are interdisciplinary, international, and intercultural in scope. I am drawn to plays that engage with race, gender, language, and global issues. I strive to create opportunities for such plays to be realized through my teaching, research and professional endeavors. I am artist, teacher and scholar in all I do as I seek to center antiracist, decolonizing, and reparative strategies.

As a scholar,  I focus on the intersections of theatrical performance with issues of language, race, class, gender, culture and national identity.  My areas of research and teaching include: multilingual performance, translation studies, African American theater, theater of Cape Verde (West Africa), creole and mixed race performance, theater for social change,  musical theater, new play development, world theater history, and directing.