The Orphan Sea by Caridad Svich

My most recent directing project was the multilingual premiere of The Orphan Sea by Caridad Svich at Skidmore College, Nov. 30 – Dec. 6, 2016.

The Orphan Sea is a multimedia theater experience that weaves the myth of Odysseus and Penelope with global stories of migration. With the playwright’s permission, Ferreira and a diverse cast of actors created the multilingual version in rehearsal. As playwright Svich describes, “This is a story of us, here, now, and also of who we were once. It is a story of those that cross rivers and seas and those that wait for them, of a lover who searches for one lost years ago, and of someone called Penelope, who may be waiting for someone called Odysseus.”

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Playwright Caridad Svich came to campus for a two-part residency. She did a public talk at the Tang Teaching Museum and the cast presented some moments from rehearsal.

Click here to read an interview with me about working on the show.

“On Radical Theater” by Caity Cook – a review of the show with a photo gallery.

Check out our interactive lobby display and audience responses at this site created by music director Izzy Howard.

There were three different choruses in the ensemble. A Chorus of Odysseus, a Chorus of Penelopes and the Chorus of the City. To convey the multiple perspectives, we produced five different versions of the poster.  Photos by Sue Kessler and poster design by Jared Klein.